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Freshly Squeezed

This will be my first blog post at Syracuse! Woohoo! It only took a month... For those who don't know, I'm attending the S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications at Syracuse University to study Television, Radio, and Film. It's the top school in the nation for communications and I couldn't be more excited for what's to come. I wanted to make a brief post and share one of the cool things I'm a part of here at SU.

Some of you may have seen my posts on social media about Juiced Magazine. Juiced is an on-campus publication that was founded in 2013. The idea at its core is simple: a magazine FOR freshmen BY freshmen. The only people who work on the magazine are freshman which makes it a great way for students to get involved right away unlike other publications which are typically run by upperclassmen. After applying and being interviewed, I was selected to take on the position of Web Developer for Juiced. In this role, I've already re-designed their website and will continue to update it with new content on a daily basis. I'll also be maintaining and adding to the functionality of the site as well as exploring new interactive elements on the site. You can check it out at It's pretty good...

The thing that struck me (as well as others on the staff) immediately was everyone's competency. That might sound a little odd, but let me explain. Most of us come from high schools where we were the kind of students who always did everything. We were people who constantly put out really good work, but did so in a vacuum. No one else really did the same kinds of work as us. At Syracuse, all of those kind of people come together and on the staff of Juiced, I get the opportunity to work with some of these exceptional people and I couldn't be more excited. The energy and the level of work I've seen on the staff so far is something I'm really looking forward to. I can't wait to see what new and awesome things I get to be a part of not only at Juiced but at Syracuse as a whole!

Keep it fresh.

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