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Hey there again. Writing is hard. No one tells you that when you have the unfortunate idea to start a blog on your website. However, when something big happens for me, I still like to take the time to come here and share it with everyone. The last time I posted, I had just been accepted to the position of Web Developer for Juiced Magazine. Serving in that role has been awesome and the rest of the staff is just the best. Now though, I'm taking on another new position that's even more in tune with what I hope to do in my professional career.

CitrusTV is the on-campus, all student-run television studio at Syracuse University. They produce nearly 15 shows per week covering everything imaginable including daily news, entertainment, sports, and food. With close to 350 members in the organization, it's one of the largest student groups on campus. After applying, interviewing, and being accepted, I'm excited to take on the position of Operations Manager for the upcoming year. What does the Operations Manger do? Well, kind of everything. It was described to me that "if it uses electricity, you help make it work." That basically means everything including broadcast technology in the studio, cameras in the field, IT/server-side applications, workstations, editing computers, audio systems, and lots more.

If you know me well, you know that this is what I love to do. For some reason, I love tech problems and love figuring out how to solve them. I think my general anal retentive attitude and (often excessive) attention to detail help to make me good at this type of work. Among other things, I see this as a chance to improve what I'm already good at and to always continue to better myself. I've not even been with Citrus for a full semester and I've already learned so much. I don't anticipate that learning will stop.

There's a great deal of talent at CitrusTV. Both on-air and off, people have some incredible skill and I hope to be able to support that. When technology works, it makes creating all the great content we produce so much easier. My goal is always to make sure technology gets out of the way. When it doesn't work or people don't know how to use it, that stifles creativity. The cool thing about CitrusTV is that since we're entirely student run, students are free to explore new things. My goal for the next year will be to make sure that the tech we have on hand supports their vision as much as possible.

Well, that's about it for now. See you all in another month when I decide blog again. Maybe before then. Who knows?

Stay fresh.

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